Best Flippable Mattress
Best Flippable Mattress Review

Flippable Mattress with The Best 6D Fabric For Ultimate Durability and Breathability

  • High-end 6D three-dimensional straight stripe fabric with hydrophobic and heat dissipation properties, tough and durable, with no sweat stains residues.
  • Six-key interconnected honeycomb structure with 18cm 6D porous cotton for mechanical support, block-wise relieving pressure and promoting healthy good sleep.
  • 99% rebound rate with no deformation and winter chill drawbacks, allowing hassle-free compression, rolling, and transportation for easy restoration.
  • Detachable, washable, sun-dried one-piece molding process, with no pressure, glue, formaldehyde, springs, interference, and antibacterial, anti-mite features.
  • Elevate the sleeping experience with a flippable mattress with exceptional ventilation, pressure-relieving support, and easy maintenance, ensuring a refreshing, healthy sleep for sensitive sleepers.
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The Fashion Best Flippable Mattress Description


Comfort Level

best mattress

Surface Material

Utilizing high-end 6D three-dimensional straight stripe fabric, the material is tough and durable. Independent and tightly breathable mesh holes are distributed between each stripe, with excellent hydrophobic and heat dissipation properties, and no residue left from sweat stains.

Support Layer

Using 18 cm 6D porous cotton for slotting and creating a six-key interconnected honeycomb structure, providing mechanical support through technology and effectively block-wise relieving pressure on key sleeping areas, while achieving the goal of promoting healthy and good sleep. At the same time, its hole-breaking rate exceeds 95%, ensuring the free circulation of internal and external air and instant elimination of all stuffiness. The mattress has both the support and breathability of 3D porous cotton, without the drawback of long-term deformation and winter chill, and is more malleable than 3D porous cotton, which can be compressed, rolled, and transported, and can be restored in 3 minutes after opening with a 99% rebound rate.


Detachable, washable, and sun-dried with a one-piece molding process, truly achieving zero pressure, zero glue, zero formaldehyde, zero springs, zero interference, ultra-quiet, and anti-bacterial and mite-proof.


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