Over the past 30 years, Royalfamily products have been favored by consumers all over the world. Royalfamily has established its own marketing channels in many regions and has built up good relationships with local distributors and consumers.Royalfamily provides our partners and consumers with products that meet their needs by virtue of our diversified design capabilities and complete production and supply capabilities. Royalfamily has the capability of prototyping, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and transportation to meet the needs of different products and customization.

Royalfamily's own brand has been established for more than 30 years, in addition to its own strong supply production capacity, but also due to Royalfamily's emphasis on consumer sleep health and environmental protection. Based on the results of human sleep research, we use healthier and more environmentally friendly green materials from all over the world as our raw materials, and our products are able to achieve formaldehyde-free. This allows our partners to gain the trust of more consumers and allows our consumers to enjoy their sleep.

Royalfamily is able to provide our partners with more complex and comprehensive customization support, as well as support for related products. With more than 10 production lines, we are able to offer our partners a wide range of products such as mattress,pillows, sofas, chairs bed frame and more. At the same time, we have the ability to provide our partners with brand logo design, product promotional material design and production, customized packaging production, etc., so that our partners in the acquisition of market share in a more relaxed and worry-free. Contact us and let's deliver more beautiful products to more people.

Royal Family has Over 30 Years of Design and Production History

With the original intention of taking people's healthy sleep as our responsibility, the Royal Family Mattress Healthy Sleep Brand Mission was established: Royal Family Mattress Carrying HealthVision: Where there is a family, there is a royal family mattress: Royal family mattresses, carry your health.
green pledge

Green Pledge

Royal Family set the bar for social and environmental responsibility in manufacturing. The majority of our furniture is constructed from sustainable trees. We also try to plant a tree for every single piece of furniture we build. So far we’ve planted over a million new trees…

furniture detail kepp improving

Keep Improving in Quality

Royal Family has unparalleled quality, has higher and higher product quality, and constantly improves the details so that customers can buy furniture that exceeds expectations. A hands-on approach to the quality of materials and construction gives real staying power to sofas, beds, chairs, and more.

technology empowers for better production

Technology Empowers

We apply nano-technology high and low molecules combined with environmentally friendly cotton to mattresses to meet the needs of various hardness and comfort. It is the perfect process of o spring, 0 radiation, mouth glue, 0 odor, 0 pressure, 0 interference, antibacterial and anti-mite.

Our Mission

We strive to help people lead better lives to the best of our ability and support reputable organizations to bring about positive changes. The Royal Family remains committed to promoting philanthropy by annually donating a portion of our income to impoverished communities.



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