100% Furniture Safety Guarantee

Any furniture such as sofas, upholstered beds, chairs, pillows, etc. produced by the royal family are guaranteed by SGS certificates, and any products produced are also very strict product guarantees. Naturally, they will not cause harm to anyone's health, and using Ergonomic design allows people to have better sleep and health.

Royal Family Sponge Production Odor Management System

1. Purpose

The purpose is to strengthen the company's sponge odor management, improve sponge quality, and ensure customer needs.

2. Scope

This system is applicable to Royal Family Furniture.

3. Responsibilities

3.1 The foaming department is responsible for relevant technological breakthroughs.

3.2 The cutting department must cut according to the maturation date and place it in a spacious and ventilated place.

3.3 The quality department is responsible for supervising whether the smell group has passed the inspection before each batch of goods is packaged. If it fails the inspection, it cannot be packaged, and the strong wind equipment is used to deodorize it.

3.4 The business department is responsible for collecting customer feedback to the production department and reporting the improvement situation to customers.

3.5 Raw materials

3.5.1 Use reactive ammonia catalysts and prohibit non-reactive catalysts.
3.5.2 Use low-odor and low-residue polyether polyols and toluene diisocyanate (TDI).
3.5.3 Use low-odor and low-volatile silicone oil and use deodorant in moderation.

    3.6 Process

    3.6.1 The placement time after maturation and cutting should be guaranteed for at least 7 days or more.
    3.6.2 Before shipment, use deodorizing equipment for deodorization or use strong wind equipment for deodorization.

      3.7 Storage The storage environment should be dry and ventilated, odorless, and avoid direct sunlight.

      3.8 Packaging Use odorless packaging materials, non-sealed packaging, and ventilation.

      4. Testing team requirements

      4.1 The team consists of 3-5 people, including one organizer.

      4.2 Team members are aged between 20 and 50 and must not exceed 55 years old.

      4.3 Members are selected from various departments, and personnel who have long-term contact with odors and production lines cannot participate.

      4.4 Members must have strong olfactory perception ability, no smoking habits, and non-chronic rhinitis patients.

      4.5 Members cannot apply heavy makeup or spray perfume during work.

      4.6 Members must pass the assessment equivalent to Xilinmen's odor intensity and nature.

      4.7 The team members must undergo systematic training on odor experiment methods and testing processes and pass the assessment.

      4.8 All members must have a uniform odor perception standard.

      5. Testing method

      5.1 Sample preparation.

      5.2 Pour 5 kinds of raw materials (2 bottles each) into 10 odor bottles.

      5.3 Take 1 bottle of each raw material, arrange them in order, and label them with the product name.

      5.4 In addition, 5 bottles are shuffled without labels. Members responsible for odor detection will smell the bottles one by one and record them to find the ones with the same smell and put them together within 3 minutes.

      6. The evaluation standard for sponge odor level

      Level Description
      1 No noticeable odor.
      2 Slightly noticeable odor, but is not significantly attention-grabbing.
      3 Noticeable odor but is not unpleasant.
      4 Strong and unpleasant odor.
      5 Extremely strong and unpleasant odor.
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