A Guide to Choosing the Best Living Room Fabric Sofas

A Guide to Choosing the Best Living Room Fabric Sofas

The fabric sofa is a sofa made of textiles. Soft to the touch, rich in patterns, rounded in lines, novel in shape, and relaxing. Therefore, fabric sofas are more popular among young families than leather sofas. The royal family compiled the most professional buying guide in the industry based on the existing industry data.

Modular Sectional Sofa

Fabric Sofas are More Popular

Although it is a new member of the sofa family, it has become the new favorite of many families. The soft texture and rich colors give the fabric sofa a changeable "expression", which is very friendly, especially in winter, the softness of the fabric sofa can melt the cold atmosphere well, warm the indoor air, and create a sunny spring feeling. The gentle and close contact when gently sitting on it is a wonderful feeling, and it is enough for people to enjoy it for a long time.

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According to The Design Style of The Living Room

There are many styles of fabric sofas. American and European country-style fabric sofas often use floral or plaid fabrics to create a natural and warm atmosphere; Spanish classical style often uses brocade and satin fabrics with gold threads, which is luxurious; The Italian style is simple and elegant, often using very bright or very cool monochrome fabrics, with a unique personality. The cloth cover of the fabric sofa can be removed and cleaned, or you can customize another kind of cloth cover according to your own preferences, and replace it according to your mood. Due to the variety of cloth flowers, they can be matched with different shapes and materials to create a variety of styles and show the charm of patterns at any time.

The size of the sofa selection is also related to the size of the living room. If the living room is large, you can choose a three seater sofa, a 4-seater sofa, or even an L shaped sofa and a U shaped sofa. Of course, if the living room is smaller, you can choose a loveseat or even an armchair, so as to bring people a better living experience.

The choice of sofa is closely related to the atmosphere, taste, and style of the living room. As the most eye-catching large-scale furniture in the living room, the sofa should be unified with the color and style of the ceiling, wall, floor, doors, and windows to achieve a coordinated effect. , choose according to your needs to create the ideal effect. Broken flowers, lines, squares, plain colors, dark colors, etc. have their own advantages and unique personalities. If it is a spacious and bright living room with good lighting, then bright colors such as big flowers, big red, big green, squares, and so on are very suitable, as long as you pay attention to matching the color and uniform style of the rest of the furniture; if the living room has If the dado or walls are colored, then the sofa is not suitable for choosing bright colors, and plain fabrics will be more elegant; if you like to make the living room have a classical atmosphere, it is most suitable to choose a darker monochrome sofa or a striped sofa; if the living room The walls are all white, and choosing dark fabrics will make the room look clean, peaceful, generous and comfortable; if the doors and windows are all white, elegant and generous fabric sofas with complicated patterns are more suitable.

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Three Factors that Determine the Quality of The Sofa

  1. There are three main factors that determine the quality of a fabric sofa: style, fabric, and workmanship. When purchasing a fabric sofa, it should be noted that the seat and back cover of the sofa should be a loop structure. High-grade fabric sofas generally have a cotton lining, and other easy-to-contaminate parts should be washable.
  2. The fabric of the sofa should be relatively thick and durable, and it will not pill after a long period of friction. Sofa fabrics can be divided into China and Europe and the United States. The special fabrics for sofas produced by European and American professional manufacturers are of high quality, with a minimal color difference, high color fastness, and no weft skew. special treatment. High-grade fabrics also have antistatic, flame retardant, and other functions. Since there are fillers inside the sofa, it is very important whether the covering is tight, flat, and crisp. Check carefully whether there are any folds at the junction of the two armrests, the seat, and the back. If it is a fabric with a floral pattern or a checkered pattern, then it depends on whether the flower shape at the stitching is consistent, and whether the grid is tilted or twisted.
  3. The quality of the workmanship is not only the guarantee of quality but also the guarantee of quality, and the structure of the sofa plays a decisive role. The sofa is mainly a frame structure. The firmness of the structure and the rationality of the design angle will directly affect the quality and function of the sofa. Therefore, when choosing a fabric sofa, you should first check whether the overall structure is firm, whether there is looseness, and whether the design conforms to ergonomics. When purchasing, you can sit on the sofa and feel whether it is stable, whether the angle is reasonable, and whether it is comfortable. The quality of the elastic material affects the comfort and service life of the sofa. Therefore, elastic materials should have strong pressure resistance, good elasticity, and high density. In addition to the feeling of sitting on a trial basis, people can ask the company for relevant instructions when purchasing to ensure product quality.

The quality of the fabric sofa is guaranteed, it depends on its price. The price of a fabric sofa is high, medium, and ordinary. Each set of high-end fabric sofas usually uses high-grade material components, fabrics, elastic materials, etc. Mid-range sofas usually use different specifications and quality in materials, such as fabrics are designed with high-quality fabrics, but the filling is usually not the best memory foam, low-grade The cheapest sofas are all ordinary materials or insufficient processing precision. If you don't know how to choose a sofa suitable for your family, you can contact us, the royal family will give you the most professional experience summed up in 30 years to tell you how to choose a fabric sofa suitable for your family.