What material is used for sofa maintenance?

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The grade of leather sofa is very high, but the price is also relatively expensive. If you buy a leather sofa and take it home, you must pay special attention to daily use and maintenance, which can prolong the service life of the leather surface of the sofa and prevent it from cracking. Now you can follow the Royal Family to learn to take care of it regularly with special leather maintenance oil, which can moisturize the leather surface and prevent mildew.

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What Kind of Oil Should Be Used to Maintain The Genuine Leather Sofa?

The maintenance of the leather sofa of Three Seater Sofa can use high-quality leather simulation oil, professional maintenance oil, and colorless shoe polish. When maintaining the leather sofa, first wipe the surface of the sofa with warm water, and then apply a layer of high-quality leather imitation oil and leather protective agent on the surface of the sofa, so that it is not difficult to clean and can effectively prevent the sofa from getting moldy. It is best not to use cooking oil. Cooking oil will first produce an odor, which will attract small insects or mice to bite the sofa. In addition, cooking oil is not suitable for leather materials and will not have any maintenance effect after use. It is not allowed even to maintain the Armchair.

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Can the Leather Sofa be Maintained with Hand Cream?

Leather sofas can be maintained with hand cream. The hand cream contains natural nutrients and some nutrients that are helpful to the cortex, which can better maintain the moisture of the cortex. Hand cream will contain a certain amount of oily ingredients. Frequent use of hand cream to maintain the leather sofa will make the leather sofa last longer. The dermis has a certain degree of toughness. When using hand cream for maintenance, the surface of the dermis will not appear dry or have fine lines, and will always remain relatively smooth and highly flexible. Before using hand cream to maintain the leather sofa, be sure to wipe off the floating dust on the surface of the sofa with a rag to avoid secondary pollution to the sofa.

How to Choose a Leather Sofa

  • 1. Look at the leather fabric: When buying a leather sofa, you should observe whether the color of the fabric is even. At the same time, it should be noted that there should be no obvious stitching marks, which also reflect the fine workmanship of the leather sofa.
  • 2. Look at the filling: Whether it is comfortable or not depends on the filling of the sofa. The filling is mainly the sponge part. When buying, you need to sit down and feel the comfort.
  • 3. Look at the details: especially for some joints, you need to pay attention to the details of the workmanship. Also, you need to touch the edges and corners of the frame with your hands. If you can easily feel the frame, the upholstery is not well crafted.
  • 4. Look at the wooden frame: The wooden frame is invisible on the sofa. We can lift one end with our hands to feel the weight of the sofa, and shake it to see how firm the wooden frame of the sofa is.