How to Buy a Best Furniture for Your Family?

How to Buy a Best Furniture for Your Family?

Many people are confused and confused when buying furniture. It is very tiring to visit furniture stores, and seeing so many dazzling furniture brands is even more frustrating. For the purchase of furniture, Royal Family has compiled a clear sequence of steps, you can follow this step to pick out your favorite sofas, chairs and upholstered beds, and any other furniture.

5 Things You Must Do When Choosing Furniture

Furniture factory is very important in every family. It is as big as the bed we sleep in every day. One-third of a person's life is spent on the bed, so it is very necessary to choose a good bed, a green bed so that we can go to work and live full of energy every day. Small enough for everyone to sit on chairs, tables, and pillows. These are all carefully selected. Choosing good furniture will bring a lot of happiness to the family.

Smell the Sofa or Other Furniture, It Must Not be Irritating

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The furniture needs to be painted. If you go to a furniture store to buy furniture, open the furniture with a door such as a wardrobe, and smell how strong it is. -The smell can be removed in 20 days. The furniture in the store has been placed for a long time. If there is still a smell inside, there must be something wrong.

Touch the Paint to See If It is Smooth

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See if the paint quality on the surface of the furniture is smooth!

Solid wood key points: top and bottom of cabinet doors, the interior of large cabinets. Touch the painted surface with your hands to see if there are burrs, bubbles, etc.

To detect the quality of the paint, you can touch it with your hands, feel its smoothness, and smell it can also explain a lot of problems.

Furniture Production Materials Should be Environmentally Friendly

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Are the door panels and side panels really made of solid wood?

Skills: Scars, wood grains, and cross-sections, look at the position of the side with scars, and then look for corresponding patterns on the other side. Wood grain: It looks like a pattern on the outside, so corresponding to the changing position of this pattern, look at the corresponding pattern on the back of the cabinet door. If it corresponds well, it is pure solid wood. Section: The section is darker than the panel and can be seen to be made of a single piece of wood.

The side panels and bottom panels of the drawers can clearly see the problems with the furniture. The side panels and bottom panels of many parallel imported furniture will not be made of too good quality wrenches.

Check if the Four Corners are Flat

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Whether you are buying a bed, a sofa, a wardrobe, or a dining table, the flatness of the four feet of the furniture is a must and a prerequisite.

You can give it a shake while checking out the furniture, or sit on it and try it out. If it makes a sound, pay attention, such furniture may not be firm.

Check whether the accessories are properly installed

The door lock switch should be checked to see if it works. For example, a large cabinet should be equipped with 3 hidden hinges, and some can only be equipped with 2; 3 screws should be installed, and some cut corners and only install one screw. Lose.

Check Whether the Edge is Flat

If the edge is uneven, it means that the inner material is wet, and the edge will fall off in a few days. The edge banding should also have rounded corners, not straight edges and right angles. The edges sealed with wooden strips are prone to moisture or cracking.

For furniture inlaid with plywood, nails are used to nail the strips. Pay attention to whether the nail holes are flat and whether the color of the nail holes is consistent with other places. Usually, the nail hole is sealed with putty. Pay attention to whether the putty bulges.