Fabric Sofa Cleaning Tips From the Pros

Fabric Sofa Cleaning Tips From the Pros

Those sofas is one of the high-traffic areas of the house as it is used by guests and hosts on a daily basis. But how many of you consider cleaning your sofa regularly? Whether it is a leather sofa or a fabric sofa, it is rarely cleaned, probably because cleaning the sofa is not an easy task. The various folds and crevices of a sofa make cleaning a daunting task.

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But according to the professionals and the royal family 30 years of experience, cleaning your fabric sofa doesn't need to be a tedious task if you clean it regularly and keep the following tips in mind. happy thing.

Fabric Sofa Cleaning Steps

1. Check the care label: Check to see if your sofa has a care label. If so, study the label properly and follow the directions for cleaning.

2. Start with vacuuming: You should start by vacuuming the sofa. If the sofa is not sucked out when cleaning the sofa, the fine dust on the surface of the sofa will go deep into the interior from the edge. Therefore, give the sofa a thorough vacuuming to draw out the tiny particles.

3. Timing is of the essence: When it comes to spills or stains on your couch, timing is of the essence. Then blot the liquid off the stain with paper towels or towels before digging into the sofa. Once swollen, clean the area with a mild cleanser and water. Remember not to scrub too much, or the sofa fabric will be damaged. If there are solid stains, they should be removed with a blunt knife. Alternatively, you can use white vinegar and baking soda to clean.

4. Oil stains: Oil stains should be cleaned with baking soda, which has the ability to absorb grease. When finished, clean the area with water.

5. Don't get completely wet: Unless you have a steam cleaner, don't get your fabric sofa completely wet. Too much water can cause the fabric to shrink and even leave stains. Also, the sofa is difficult to dry afterward. A damp sofa is a breeding ground for mold. Leather sofas can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

6. Test your sofa cleaning product: If using a commercially available product, test it on an inconspicuous corner of the sofa before applying it all over. Any chemical reaction or fabric bleeding can be detected immediately.

Cleaning a fabric sofa is not as tedious a task as one might imagine. You need very little time and patience to treat stains and grime to bring your sofa back to life. It is best to wash the sofa once every 18 months to prolong its service life.

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